Pool Acid Washing

Restore and Rejuvenate: Comprehensive Pool Acid Washing by Aqua Bright

Unveil the hidden beauty of your pool’s plaster surface with Aqua Bright Pool Service’s expert pool acid washing. Our dedicated approach ensures a thorough restoration, starting with the precise drainage of your pool using a specialized trash pump. Once the pool is drained, our skilled technicians meticulously clean any remaining debris, setting the stage for a transformative process.

Step 1

Drain Pool With Trash Pump

The first step involves precise drainage, executed with the expertise of our skilled technicians and specialized trash pumps. This cutting-edge equipment ensures swift and thorough water removal, while our team simultaneously cleans any remaining debris from the pool. This dual approach sets the stage for the subsequent stages of the acid washing treatment.

Step 2

Apply Properly Mixed Acid

The application of a properly mixed acid is the next step in our revitalization journey. This carefully chosen acid treatment breathes new life into the plaster, erasing stains and discolorations, and restoring its original brilliance. Our team pays meticulous attention to every detail, ensuring the safety and integrity of your pool throughout the acid application.

Step 3

Rinse & Clean Acid Solution

Following the acid treatment, we embark on a crucial phase – the rinsing and cleaning of the acid solution. This step is essential to neutralize the effects of the acid and guarantee a safe swimming environment. Aqua Bright is committed to not only enhancing the aesthetics of your pool but also prioritizing its health and longevity.

Step 4

Start the Refill Process

Finally, we initiate the refill process. This pivotal step involves reintroducing pristine water into your pool, symbolizing the completion of our transformative efforts. Our skilled technicians oversee this process with a keen eye for detail, ensuring the optimal balance of water quality and chemistry, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated pool ready for your enjoyment.